The G1 Media Network

Multimedia and Design Company, established 2007.

Experts in graphic design, corporate branding and identity, photography, new media, package design, print and web publishing, audio and visual recording, and marketing solutions. Proudly based in Melbourne, Australia.


The oldest industry in the world, our specialty. We will guide you through from concept to actualisation. Logos, packaging, architectural plans and everything in between.


Promoting your brand, product or event; in-store or online cannot be any simpler. Improve your image and let us give you the marketing solutions for your next campaign.


Go beyond the visuals, implement your design on to web and mobile platforms. New technologies grow every day, we will gear you up so you don't fall behind.


G1 has a proud history of video production where we fool around and film stuff. Times have not changed, at all. Watch some of our antics find out what we get up to.


A picture paints a thousand words, capture the moment and share it with the world. Our photographers find beauty, wherever it occurs, and use the images to tell a story.

The G1 Crew

Graphic designers, architects, developers, DJs, code monkeys, gamers, photographers, car hoons, roadies, travel agents, and journalists. Bribe us with coffee!